Ascent Beanie

Alps & Meters





The early annals of mountaineering during the Golden Age of Alpinism saw the philosophers, scientists, and poets take to the mountains in search for a soulful convenient with nature at elevation. Most often devised from fibers from the surrounding areas of the Alps, Europes first mountain pioneers skied and climbed in heavy gauge sweaters, outerwear of gabardine fabric, and headwear often handwoven with deep care & consideration. Even then, the early alpinists of the Golden Age understood that climbs of any consequence required mental fortitude and protection therein. Often shedding the superfluous in favor of the bare essentials, knitted caps of the 19th century were trim and their and strictly purposeful in their design. Cut close to the scalp to ensure snug fit devoid of drafts for slippage that might impair one’s vision during ascent or descent, such headwear commanded a purity of performance demanded by the elements of biting wind and precipitation. Fitted with the ability to nest with a hood, Alps & Meters Ascent Beanie invokes the best practice of traditional alpine sport design and craftsmanship. Closely cropped in its design and woven of sturdy cashmere-merino yarns, this unique beanie commands a warm waffled weave reducing lost heat while lending a nostalgic expression familiar to the Golden Age of Alpinism. Designed for the Adventurous Alpinist this classic headwear piece offers protective comfort, a timeless & durable fiber complexion, and form fitting characteristics enabling a skin, bootpack, or climb from one elevation to the next.


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