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Whether on the slopes, on the way to dinner in the city, or in iconic destinations like Aspen or St. Moritz, there is a look for every occasion an alpinist might encounter.

Inspired by the people, places, and memories of alpine sport, these handsome kits are sure to help navigate the sartorial landscape, wherever you may find yourself this winter.


Mirroring the sharp outline of the near-symmetrical peak that straddles Switzerland and Italy, the Ski Race Knit is a modern take on the classic ski sweater. Layered under the Alpine Hooded Vest, this kit is perfect for the gentleman skier exploring the Alps on skis.

On Patrol

While on patrol for a slalom race on Mt. Mansfield in March of 1938 (in negative seven degree temperatures), Charles "Minnie" Dole formed the National Ski Patrol.

With deep reverence for the classic garments of ski patrol pioneers, the utility-laden Patrol Parka is paired with the Ski Race Knit Patrol sweater - perfectly in keeping with the NSP motto of "safety & service".

10th Mountaineer

Built to meet the rigorous standards of the United States Army’s elite 10th Mountain Division who trained and skied at Camp Hale Colorado during WWII, this combination is designed to deliver authentic winter protection. Anchored by the Alpine Anorak and its handsome waxed canvas construction, the 10th Mountaineer includes a sturdy set of winter essentials delivering time-honored style and performance.

Sea to Sky

With homage to the early expeditions and alpinists of the 20th century who traveled from sea level to majestic snowfields and beyond, the Sea-to-Sky look offers an authentic kit of rich woolen garments including the Alpine Outrig Jacket, Patrol Knit, and Alpine Winter Trouser. As handsome as it is protective, this traditional ensemble evokes a classic sensibility and taste for mountain adventure exuded by winter sportsmen drawn to the foot and summits of such revered peaks as the Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.


In 1928, the Kandahar Ski Club in Murren, Switzerland started the Inferno race, a race open to amateurs only that contained sections of downhill, slalom and cross-country. With a usual winning time of more than 10 minutes, the Inferno tested competitors' skiing prowess as fiercely as it did their mental stamina. Today, the Inferno remains one of the largest (and longest) amateur races, and was instrumental in bringing ski racing into the mainstream.

Lake Como

The dazzling Italian lake town served as the inspiration for this classic look of the Patrol Knit, dressed up with the Touring Flannel underneath, a pair of wide wale corduroys and a trusty pair of loafers; creating a unique take on classic Italian alpine elegance.

Downhill Racer

Seamlessly transition from the race course to après with the Alpine Combined Knit, which gives a subtle nod to skiing's original competitive event combining downhill and slalom runs. Contrasted with the traditional charcoal herringbone fabric of the trouser, the vibrant colors of the sweater recall visions of the panache of the iconic ski racers of the past.


Named for the iconic cabin sitting atop Jackson Hole, one of the legendary ski destinations of the world, the Touring Flannel is built for those that savor moments spent lounging comfortably in a cabin above the treeline.


The vibrant Patrol Red color of the Alpine Guide Sweater recalls the iconic flag of Switzerland. Smartly layered over a favorite pair of jeans and the Touring Crew, this kit is for the man on the move, perhaps about to board the Golden Pass train for a scenic trip from Montreux to Gstaad.