Cashmere Alpine Pom

Alps & Meters





It is possible that no other piece of ski equipment delivers the perfect blend of utility and style as that of a knitted hat or cap. Serving to offer warmth from the winter elements, the ski hat is a classic cold weather essential whose simple performance characteristics have made it an enduring companion to skiers for ages. While other alpine garments are surely needed for a day on the mountain, none can match the universal comfort and timeless appeal of a product such as the Cashmere Alpine Pom. Crafted with robust, heavy gauge & ultra-soft cashmere-merino blended fibers and including a combination of traditional knitwear motifs including chevron, seed stitching, cables, and classic ribbing, this nostalgic headwear piece is capped with a classic pom-pom harkening to the early origins of alpine sport and its essential equipment therein. Designed to celebrate the romantic traditions of alpine sport, this considered cap is ideal for on-piste and off-piste wear occasions as a compliment to Alps & Meters’ tailored, technical, and timeless garments and handsome head-to-toe ensembles.


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