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U.S. Ski Team Ascent Crew

Alps & Meters




Mountains have been drawing alpinists to their peaks since the advent of proper skiing in the 19th century. Travel to such peaks, up the steep slopes and down, often involved a multi-day excursion which included the need for hiking, use of the nordic technique, and downhill skiing prowess so as to migrate from one hamlet to the next in a round trip of diverse climates, inconsistent terrain, and snow fields of variable conditions. These tours through mountains and villages, first completed out of necessity, came to represent one of the first forms of competitive skiing.

Followed thereafter by ski jumping and the formation of the U.S. National Ski Association in 1905, such tours today involve mountain athletes traveling the world over for competitions as grand as the Olympics and storied FIS World Cup circuit. Enabling such international skiing adventure Alps & Meter’s Ascent Crew U.S. Ski Team. Designed for the American skier on tour and accompanied by a richly embossed Land Rover U.S. Alpine Ski Team logo at left sleeve, this Forged Performance garment is an essential within Alps & Meters sportswear collection providing maximum comfort for travel to and through mountains the world over.


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